Saturday, August 31, 2013

Best Dancing Bums Around

After all the news, Internet chatter and horrid pictures of yet another Disney child entertainer acting out I thought I might share some lovely butts that will not make your stomach turn and wonder if humans are ready for a change in what is entertainment. 
Since she was dressed as if she was some sort of sweet animal (at least that is what I am thinking that is what she was doing) I admit it, I did not watch the show but could not escape all the after shocks... I think I decided to watch paint dry or maybe it was digging a deep hole and then filling it back up..  I would do anything other then watch that crap.  Oh Yeah, maybe I was shoveling poop and listening to the Beatles - You Know REAL MUSIC!  Not only was the abuse of a foam finger involved but it is really beyond me to figure out what passes as music....

Anyway - Back to the farm
Since RUTTING Season has started here at the farm I had to laugh because I get to see males acting out all their mating dances and the girls rubbing themselves on the fences and shaking their butts all over the place in hopes to attract the boys.  My boys stick out their tongues out and flap it up and down show excitement but at least I can say the songs they sing are a million times better then that crap that passes for award winning vocals from a anything but talented 20 something has been.  I have no idea why folks think they want to see that on the TV but when they come here they think the animals are shocking and I have even had parents put their kids back in their cars and want to tell me that it is upsetting to see that sort of behavior.  As I always say - I swear humans are the dumb beasts.
So all I can say is my boys sure have a better and much larger package then any of those so called boy band members,   The girls can shake or twerrk their cute little bums better then any reject Disney no talent has been.  As for me, I will take my style of bump and grind that is on display here at the farm and we do it to the Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson. 

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