Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Full of W'S

Spa Day with Wilhelmina is full of giggles and W'S - here it goes - Wiggly, Wondrous, Wheedling, Whispers, Whiplash, Wild, Witchcraft and WOW...

The Dear One always gives me this routine - "NO Mommy I don't want too", then she stomps her foot and is stands with feet planted.. Next she moves close but again' NO Mommy don't touch me'.  When I don't touch her she then leans on my leg but won't make eye contact. Then I say "Who is my Magical, Wonderful Wilhelmina?" In a flash she is rubbing on me and trying to climb up my leg.  Then I sit down and she is putty in my hands.  She sits on my lap and I can do anything to her.  She falls asleep dozing in and out - looking into my eyes with such love and trust.  For those who think animals don't have a soul only need to look into her eyes and see the light of the universe.

I had already stated in a previous post that my Tuesday was hard to find peace in until I stepped out of the world of worries, computer work and woes and walked into the world of the kind souls I share this farm with.  I never view that I OWN these animals but rather we have a connected family that transcends my original business plan.  With each birth and passing my understanding of who I thought I was changed to where it is this day, I only know that the things of the world no longer hold meaning to me and my interaction with the furry souls here have shown me what is truly important.  It is so very hard to apply it to the outside world where it seems, Fear, Distrust and Greed are the operating behavior of the masses. 

So what would be your favorite W word ???


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Thanks so much for readying and commenting - Yep, Wondrous is a great W Word - Hugs and Blessings