Friday, August 16, 2013

Living is EASY - Yeah Right

As long as you are not in charge.  Dot was pissed because he did not get to go to the forest and enjoy the night I had with the billies but since he is still shy around the really big guys I was concerned that he might bolt in the forest were there are no fences.  I asked him twice to wear a halter and lead and he refused so then this MEAN MOM had to call it.  NO GO!!
He ran the fence line as the boys and I walked off.  He let out his little boy calls and squeals as if to say "MOM, I CHANGE MY MIND" but it was a NO GO!!  He spent the night right at the gate to watch me enjoying every minute out there.
When I and the guys came back at 4 am he was there and I knew what he was going to do so I was ready for it.  Yes, He banged into me as if to say "DARN YOU MOM"...  If I did not understand the mind set I could have been knocked down but instead he hit this brick wall - and bounced off me.  When that happened it hurt his feelings and he hung his head and waited for me to talk to him.
Later on that morning he sprawled out in front of the kitchen window where he knew I could see him.  He called and hummed at me as if to say "MOMMY, come nap with me".  After finishing the dishes, the dye pots and making him wait to teach him I don't jump when he is like a demanding two year old human child.   I went outside and laid my head on his chest and we enjoyed the cool air, we matched our breathing and exchanged mind thoughts.  Not a word was said but the meaning was clear.  After he felt he had received his loving he asked to get up and I answered with a Thank You.
The hard part about always being in charged is all the bad falls on your shoulders but on the other side of the coin all the great and special moments are yours to savor and be witness too.  I wonder if Dot will next time wish the halter - Time Will Tell !

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