Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nose Picking - Oh But What Cute Noses

Wynonna was hoping I would wash out the crusties that she developed after running her sweet soft nose through some wild flowers that she nibbled on the day before - ALLERGIES are not for just us two legged. Like a typical mother even when I am out working I have a Kleenex or two stuck in a back pocket.  She stood still as I got those nostrils cleared a bit.
Her daughter Willamina just has to have the same done to her even thou there was no need.  She takes any and all moments to have me mess with her and give her attention even if it is for imaginary buggers.  I too take any moments I can to mess with her and all the others but bugger picking - well we mothers do what is required.  Best part is kissing their soft noses after all is said and done.

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