Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wild Weather - Lack of Control Again

Mother Nature has been showing us all what she is made of and how little we control anything! Day after day the burn scared places in Colorado are being hit with floods, mud slides and destruction.  Here at this farm I get storm after storm rolling over head and hardly a drop.  It seems as if none of us are getting the things we really need and more of the problems that have plagued us for too long.  WTH!

Tuesday morning I could feel in my bones that it was going to be a hard day.  I went to work getting the farm ready and made my way to the house to get some tortillas made since I knew I could not count on power for the three hours it would take to make bread.  As the sky became black this gal was rolling out the dough and watching a movie on the tiny DVD Player.  As the first tortilla went into the red hot skillet there was a clap over head and sparks came shooting out of the wall socket next to me with the portable phone.  Yep - lost power but here was me on the floor in the duck and cover position that is part of my cell memory.  I waited for a few minutes as I could feel my heart pounding in my throat.  I stood up and quickly pulled everything that was plugged into the house.  As I was doing this three more loud over head blots hit.  I ran to see out the windows if any animals where out...  The sky looked so angry and the rain was pouring in sheets.  It was so hard and fast this could spell trouble.  REALLY Mother Nature...

Hours pasted, power came back, I gathered up the billies who were outside the fence line - they were so happy to see me and went back to their pen with no issue and then checked every single animal on this farm. Even the deer were glad to see me.  After the morning we had with the huge planes and the fear rearing it's ugly head now we are dealing with Mother Nature freaking the crap out of us.  I swear this farm is over the top worn and not sure how much more we can take.  Well the two cordless phones are toast - lucky for me I always have a plug in phone that was my oldest son's when he was 10 years old.  I have it just for such cases when the power is out.  Lost two more outlets in the house and three in the smaller barns.  Replace several light bulbs in the house and lost a large outdoor barn light.  The most important part is NO ANIMALS WHERE HURT
Once many years ago we lost one of my prized Icelandic Ewe by lightening traveling in the rain on the ground and it traveled right to her and she was dead in seconds.  Another one of those WTH memories that will always be with me.

So the farm finally got some rain  but so fast and so much to quickly that the ground could not put it to use.  The water ran off the pastures and down to the rocks in the forest.  The animals came out of hiding and sat with me talking of their fright and worry.  After giving them all again the hugs and love I could I made it back to the house and only 5 hours later started to finish the tortilla's and figure out my next step because the weather guessers are saying we get to do it all over again tomorrow.  Yippee Skippy - Really, that is the clean version because I would not type what I really was saying...  Mother Nature sure is not playing nicely

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