Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Goldie and Gabriel

Yep, he has grown and SO SO Handsome but most of all so a kind soul.  With Tuesday's Spa day I gave Goldie her favorite body rub and tons of kisses.  Her gentle soul always just places me in wonder.  What makes her so loving, so sweet and such an amazing mother?  Goldie is a bottle girl and so that means at times they do not connect with their goat hood but Goldie has been the best Goat Mother to her son Gabriel.  She corrects him when he steps out of line but always allows him to return for comfort when he is upset. She allows him to grow and learn while still being aware of any dangers and warns him in time. 
As for Gabriel he is beyond words - such a little boy...  Full of fun, adventures, activity and a wish to still be loved but not when the world is watching.  I love watching them take their naps together and how he still places his nose in Goldie's back of her ear like he did the day he was born. 
Tuesday's spa day for Gabriel consisted of a brushing, body rubbing, ear cleaning and hoof trimming. He is a bit ticklish between the hooves and we work on that so there will not be a big production when he gets bigger and those horns get to be of an issue when wishing to not be tickled.   All of this is done while sitting on my lap.  It was not an easy fit because I was sitting on a stool and he is outgrowing my lap. I would have moved to the ground but he was way too happy with this weird balancing act.  I also had the pleasant task (now this is not the highlight of my life but necessary) check his privates.  With intact males it is important to make sure all is healthy and growing.  I am happy to report all is well down there and he like most of my males will grow up to be one impressive Male..  OH SPA DAY! 

On the right is Goldie and Gabriel - I told you he will have some impressive equipment - he is only 4 months old... He will be a fantastic improvement to someone's goat gals

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