Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Loving Kindness

While no one is looking I quickly took a picture of the loving kindness that Max shows to Gabriel.

  As I passed my kitchen window I saw Max being the amazing soul that he is - I grabbed the camera and took a snap before they every realized I was there.  Max had been licking Gabriel's eyelashes which is a special loving thing goats do and then Gab snuggled up to Max's neck and leaned in.  Such kindness and both are boys.  Intact and hormones in place... 

I remember the first year that we banded some spring lambs - I had all the equipment but never had done that so our local 4 H leader (county Sheep Superintendent) the farm to show me how.  We also were to do the tails because the lambs would not be allowed to be at fair and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS THE WAY.  I had read up on it and understood the fair rules.  We had the ram lambs penned and equipment out.  This huge man stomped into the barn, my lamb's freaked, he grabbed one by the neck and flipped him on the ground.  My sons and I stood there also freaked.  He then barked for the bandier and I handed it to him like a frightened rabbit.  He placed the ban on the lamb which screamed out in pain.  He then handed me the banner and said another.  Meaning I was to put another band on the clamp and hand it back.  My hand shook and I went to put the band on as the little one screamed the whole time.  I asked him how long would the ram be in pain and his response was "Who Cares !"  Well, that was the wrong way to speak to me and to feel about what you where doing.  I yelled "Let Him Up"  The guy looked at me as so many have done in my life "She is NUTS!!!"

The lamb was turned loose and ran around screaming.  My sons grabbed up the little one and hugged and kissed him.  I told this man (I use the term very loosely) to leave and he said - "Your a fucking idiot - those animals are just dumb fucking hunks of meat"

As he drove off all I kept saying was "I am so sorry" to my sons and to the lamb.  Days pasted and I kept hoping beyond hope that the tail would stay on.  We could not cut off the band and each time we touched it the poor thing screamed out.  Finally one day I found it laying on the ground and I was so disappointed in myself.  I went to work on researching the reasons why this is done and it all was for the excepted way of managing animals..  I also started to document that the reasons for  hygiene was only because the animals where living in factory conditions which was not healthy anyway.  I also was to make birthing easier but in fact it increased the likely hood of prolapsing. So I made my decision that this practice would never happen here and now the issue faced me of how was I to get my tailed animals into fair.  That battle was won and in fact both of my son's lambs won ribbons which chapped the ass of that man who was the Sheep Superintendent for our county.  I might also that year my fluffy lambs came with fleece on and they were the hit of the fair.  Also, the sheep superintendent's son managed to cut off the penis of his lamb while trying to hurry up and slick shear before the show.  I was the only "NUTTER" who had a vet kit and managed to patch it up while someone called the Vet.  The father's response is let the dumb animal die it wont win now.  Trust me it was my mission for the next 5 years to get that guy out.

Now I am not tell anyone how to walk in the world but I am just asking that you might consider that those ANIMALS do have feelings of all types - at least try to consider why you are doing the things you are doing. Not all you have been told is true. Not all of what we are dong and teaching in the best interest of another being.  All the boys here have their balls, horns and dignity kept intact


Ngo Family Farm said...

So fun seeing the pictures and hearing about all your sweet, beautiful animals!

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you Jaime for reading the blog and commenting - hope all is well at your place and with all of you. Hugs and blessings

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you one thing. You are nowhere nere as nuts as that man was/is. I do not think you are nuts at all. ❤