Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sweet Jasper's Baby Fllece

Today this gal really needed to find purpose in the love she has for her animals and their fiber.  Some people when faced with stress and worry might turn to a pint of Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, scarf down a bag of salty snack treats or drown their soars in several brews or fancy coctails, or veg out to watch the whole year's worth of a mindless reality show on Netflix while wondering what is next in this sad moment but this gal goes straight to bags of unwashed fleece from her dear sweat souls...

This amazing baby locks shown above are from Jasper.  A male born to Jill and who has a twin brother named Jeeves.  This fleece just melts away all the stress that was whirling around and around in my mind and soul.  I was asked today "What would I do if I can't do this anymore?" I answered "I have no clue because this is all I love to do but can not keep going with the economy as it is"

There are very few folks that I have met who found their love and calling in life - I have been so lucky to have been living my passion, dream and calling for the past 17 years.  It has not been easy by no means and there has been events that might end me and my farm.  I can not say what tomorrow will be but for today I drink up the joy of putting my hands in the water and wash this fantastic crop of tiny locks from a sweet, shy and loving boy.  He may not be one who wants my affection with hugs and snugs but we spend time just sitting in silence appreciating the time we have together in simple daily activities.  I love how he and his brother still walk side by side as if joined at the hip.  When it is time to rest they place their head on each others back curled in a tight circle just as I imagine they did in their mother's womb. 

As I try to wait for the two drying racks of lush fiber to dry I can not help myself  -  I have picked up some locks and placed my face into them and just breathed in deeply - it is better then any vice I could think of but then again I realize I am one strange gal.

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