Wednesday, August 14, 2013

MUSH - Exciting Times

It is amazing how sometimes  my world works.  After all the rain, lightening and panic I made it to the mailbox.  In there was two Netflex movies.  As I opened the red envelopes up I let out a squeal....  "IDITAROD" was in my hands.  OH MY GOSH....

Before we get into the movie I have to let you know I have always wanted to do dog sledding - You know Love of Cold, Love of Snow, Love of the Outdoors and even bigger Love of Dogs.  Now I have always wished I could do that with the Great Pry's I love so much but they are not made for long distant running.  They could pull the heck out of any other dog, would protect me from any wild animal and make the best blanket in the bitter cold.  It has always been in my heart and thoughts but put it aside while working hard for so many years here.  I don't have much in life that I have left undone but this is one.

Back to the weirdness - I had found the documentary a couple of days ago and put it on my movie request list - it was way down the list.  I was suppose to have "Invasion" coming which was several disks that would have been spreed out over a couple of weeks but for some weird reason they could not find the disk so they sent me "Iditarod" which I had about 6 different movies ahead of it - STRANGE....  I am not complaining because I could not wait to see it.  THANK YOU UNIVERSE. Finally give me something Good after what you have been throwing at me.

So after the body was so tired and the mind just fried I sat of my bed and started the movie.  I am not sure if I should share this but I was so "With the animals" that when they started howling this gal howled!!!  O.K. no rubber room or funny jacket is needed for this gal -at least I don't think so - rather have you ever just known that you are one with an event, person, skill or what ever?  It is like when I knew I was to be a spinner.  There was NO reason, no one pointed me in that direction, I really did not even have any real knowledge of it rather my love for animals brought me to it and I found it was  just what was lurking inside of me.  I sat glued to every second of this documentary - absorbing and experiencing the adventure.  My Gosh did I need this today...  I can not even put into words how this effected me.  I understood the game playing the racers had to do but I was more impressed with the inner knowledge they had with their animals.  Over and over they spoke that they had to gather their emotions because the dogs would react accordingly.  They also had to leave some behind do to illness and it not only broke the heart of the human but how the dogs were upset that they could not carry on.  It mirrored so much of what goes on here at this farm.  The working relationship, the loving relationship and soul connection I have with the animals here, The trust and understanding we have built over the years is magical.

I will be watching it again tonight because I really enjoyed it and need that connection with others who are a path that maybe others can not understand but is in their blood.   I also thought of a couple of yarns to spin that could capture I hope this amazing race and what I witnessed in the animals, the cold wilderness and the passion of all involved.  .

What is out there that you would like to do??

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