Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Spa Day at the Funny Farm

NO WAY - did you think Grace was going to be doing herself - After all this time you still don't get me!! I had a Tuesday that was just not starting off great.  I could not bring myself into center and my emotions where all over the place.  I hate that I am experiencing too many of those days of late so this gal made a strong cup of coffee, put on my over all's (Shorts) and pushed myself out the door to get something done...

I went to feed Kasha who is really struggling with coming to the end of her amazing, long and loving life.  My heart breaks every time I see her expend so much energy to rise up off the ground to meet me.  As I stood there crying I said how would you like a spa day dear one?  She gave me those eyes and I sprinted back into the house to get combs, clippers and such.  When I got back we sat in the dirt and away I went - gently brushing out the summer blow out and then clipping a few back nails.  This gal never needs her front nails cut because of her continual digging - she keeps them in check.  She had her head on my leg drooling the whole time (which made a mud bath for my legs - so I guess I was getting a spa day for myself) as every inch was brushed and then a full body rub.  I gave no mind to the clock or list of work awaiting me but rather was in every second with her.  I kept my head and heart out of the space that each day may be our last and kept reminding myself that I have been SO VERY VERY BLESSED to have this Kind and Loving Soul in my life.  She has given me reasons to carry on when I never thought I could - KASHA is MY LIFE!!!

I finished her and by then she had ate her breakfast and was drifting back to sleep so this gal got going on the next white dog.  More of this day to come... OH and the picture of the somewhat messy dog is not Kasha - I forgot to take the camera but Kasha is like I am - not one to have a picture taken.

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