Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creative Juices Flowing - What you Think?

Above are Mohair ringlets that I hand clipped, dyed, spun and soon will offer today in my Etsy shop - this yarn just sings of joy.  As the lockets slipped thru my fingers and onto the bobbin I have this out of body dance with them - they tickle my heart and give peace to my soul - I wished I could explain the connection I have when I am creating with those who I love and care for each and every day.
The above Yarn is complex and soul rattling -  With Mohair and Alpaca from my animals and a whole host of other goodies I am still struggling for a name but I kept thinking of Woodland Faeries dressing for a wedding.  Not sure where my brain goes at times but that is where it was during the creating of this yarn.
The above yarn I think I might call "Dragonfly Pond" because my little pond at the farm grew a tiny bit with the last rain and I had dozens of magical dragonflies skimming the top of the water as the sun was setting.  The goat boys and I just watched them playing on the momentary moisture. The yarn has Mohair, Alpaca and other world magic in it - what do you see when looking at this?
This last yarn above I am going to call "Unicorn Mane".It contains my Cashmere, Mohair, Alpaca and many other mystical materials.  Again while spinning I had visions of a giant Unicorn charging through my forest in search of it lost rider.  I came upon it and there it stood looking into my eyes and sharing the adventures it had before reaching me.  I climbed upon it's back and I gently took hold of it's mane and off we went to experience a new land.  As I found myself in a blink of an eye back in my fiber studio I quickly began spinning the mane that I had just touched - PURE MAGIC - What you think?
So as you can see I have been creating and wished I had more time to do this - life always is best when I have my hands on those souls I live with - love to hear what your take on the yarns are?


monica said...

Grace, All of the yarns are just stunning! Woodland Faeries is perfect! I also love Dragonfly Pond and Unicorn Mane! Praying that you and the kids are doing very well!

XOXO Pea Pod

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you so much Monica - I loved creating them and always in love when I get to use my sweet animals in a yarn or batt. Thanks for your love and support - new goodies coming to your home soon.