Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a Turkey Week!!

Sometimes I wonder if I have a bulls eye painted on my back. Now I know the things I dealt with this week was not life stopping but really on my birthday!!!

For those who might have not known my computer lost it's Internet which went out on Tuesday in the afternoon and I had a melt down shortly after that - Oh it was not pretty. Another great reason I live alone I looked like a mad women... Yes, I admit it because I know most think I handle things well. Most of the time I do so, I am really good with the huge things but sometimes the smaller stuff especially when I have not slept, have been battling this cold and not off the farm for 4 months... well I think I was due for one of those wigged out mess. So I had my melt down and putting the pieces back together. The modem is fixed and as you see I am back trying to wade through the emails. On a bright side since my computer was not hogging the phone line I got to talk to two dear friends - I freaked them out that I answered the phone because most know it is always busy... Wow, see sometimes good things are hidden.

So I wanted to share a bright spot. I had been so worried with the mountain lion here because I had not see the wild turkeys who live here. Then when I was feeling not the best on Wednesday I saw from the kitchen window - the male and two hens. I ran with the camera and was just about ready to take a snap and Sophia had to bark so off they ran but I did get a good snap.

So - there is my TURKEY WEEK - how about you??

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