Sunday, April 29, 2012

As the Sun Goes Down

After kicking up the heels in a fast pace game of tag the Llama babies and bottle kids are watching the sun go down and settling in for a restful night. This night time habit is a marvel to behold because even the Mothers join in.. The goats love to join in but at first the llama mothers did not allow this. They would chase away the bottle kids as if to say "Your not good enough to play with my sweet one". Over time and my standing in the pasture representing my bottle kids the Llama Mothers have decided that my kids are worthy of their children's bedtime play. There is nothing that fills my heart with more joy then to watching them run so fast that they back legs get ahead of their front legs and before they can stop themselves they tumble.... No tears here, they get up shake it off and start all over again. What I also admire is that my bottle goat kids run over and touch noses with the baby llama when they fall as if to say "We got you" "You are O.K."

The only part of this evening routine that I wished I could show you is my three bottle kids curled all around my big pry Chief in the Barn. No matter how I try to sneak up on them I wake them and they scatter.. I think none of them want to be shown in a loving yet needy way. Chief especially does have his pride - he knows that pictures mean I will be showing the world something he only wishes to remain behind the closed doors of the barn. I must say it would melt the hardest of hearts to see what I see as the sun starts to set on the Funny Farm. Hope you kicked up your heels and are ready to relax in the peace of setting Sun.


MamaTea said...

Sounds so lovely at your place. The wonderful things you get to see...who needs television?

Tribal Horse Designs said...

so beautiful!!!!!!!!!