Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Adventures

Friday I sent the Llama girls out into the back yard for fresh grass and some new adventures. They have not had time to explore with the weather grip that has been tight around the farm. They ran around and had to explore every inch and touch everything with their noses - just like human kids. They where having a grand time till they reached the part with the hens - they got too nosey - yep, they place their noses too close and got it pecked. Sometimes life lesson are not smooth and gentle - BOY, Don't I Know!!

So as all little kids they were so tired after their adventure that they put themselves back into their barn for a long nap... Great to wear out kids - they then are never any trouble. So go outside today and wear yourself out.


Anonymous said...

Your babies are so sweet. I could picture them checking out everything new. I raised Morgan horses, and it was so fun to watch the foals when they were exposed to something new. Your stories inspire me...Linda

larkspur funny farm said...

They are so sweet - especially Dottie who is so very friendly and is the leader in the adventures... She loves to give kisses and especially when she is a bit frightened. I love Morgan horses - always wished to have one..