Sunday, April 8, 2012

You Are Expecting the Easter Bunny?

What is with this Easter Bunny Guy?? All the fuss, all the air time - don't you know I can carry a ton more then he can - hundreds of pounds of chocolate at one time. I can run as fast as a horse so no delay on getting you what you want. I don't leave poop everywhere - I put it in a nice neat pile. I also can keep people, animals or those sticky finger kids away from your stash of sweet treats. Last but MOST Important - I give tender air kisses and rub my head on your shoulder when life is way too hard... WAY BETTER THEN A BUNNY


Aprons and More said...

Happy Easter from all of us to all of you!!

Katy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Grace, and what a sweet Easter Bunny! Linda

Ngo Family Farm said...

Oh yes, better than a bunny indeed! Happy Easter to you and all the funny farm, Grace! :)

larkspur funny farm said...

Thank you ladies for the kind holiday wishes - hope you enjoyed a day full of family, friends and great weather.