Monday, April 30, 2012

Great to be Needed

One thing I have learned at this farm is all plans can go to the way side in a blink of an eye. Just as I was looking at the long list of work that has been waiting for me there came a knocking at the shop door. This is not strange because it was now time that the rest of the world is up and getting around. I did have to take a pose because I was in my cruddy work clothes and looked a fright. I figured they get what they get if they come unannounced.

Imagine my giggles when it was Max - yep another bottle kid who was wishing my attention however, I was thinking how in the world did you get to the shop door. Last I saw him was last night in his pasture with the other bottle kids and Chief. Max was not tapping at the glass door but rather ramming it with all his might - I worried that glass would not take much more. As I opened the door to scold him and then put him back in this pen - he ran right in and made himself right at home again... Silly Little Billy!!!

I admit I am a softy at times and so I scooped him up into my arms and gave him tons of snuggles and kisses as I walked him back to the barn. Just then as is my normal way of doing things I thought - Max you sure need to get these naps cut out of your coat. There it went - my strange way of doing things. Some will fault my ADHD, others will say it is because I answer to no one - I rather think of it as divine intervention.. Now doesn't that sound better??

So I grabbed my hoof snips, my good fiber shears, a bucket and my favorite Wayne Dwyer tapes. I got to the barn and there was my three last year bottle kids who where a mess of burrs, tiny VM and hooves sharp enough to puncture a soft fleshy farm gal... So first up was Goldie - she snuggled into my lap and fell asleep the moment I start running my fingers through her lovely fleece. Snip, Snip and brush, brush was the lullaby. In no time I trimmed her up and got rid of the worst of it. I am not willing to take it down too far because even last night we had frost and iced up buckets. These little one do not have enough meat on them to go without their fur coats. Next up was Wynonna and she is bigger in size but still loves to have me snuggle all over her. She was not too bad but it a bit more ticklish. Several times she jumped when I touched her tummy but luckily my hand is always between the scissors and the animal so the only one getting cut is me...

Last up was the one who started this all. Now Max loves attention but he is a bit too big to fit all on my lap. He slid off a couple of times so some of his trimming was done with him standing. With little boys you have more to worry about cutting and so I went very slow. Now for those in the younger crowd skip over this part - it is the rated "R " part of the story. Clipping around the private parts of a male can be a big issue of trust. Luckily most of my guys know I am never there to hurt them but there is another side to watch out for - not getting them too excited while doing this. With the little guys you do not want to teach them bad behavior and on the big billies you never want them to get confused as to my intentions either. So we walk a fine line for many reasons. On reason my guys never hurt me is there is love, respect and no confussion.

When everyone was done it was Chief's turn. Time to pluck out the winter coat, trim up the felted parts and check the body for ticks. Chief is still not over his visit to the vet from last year.. Normally he let's me clip the felting bits on his legs but after the shaving, needles and mistreatment he received (in his mind) by the vet tech he was having none of that. It took a good 45 minutes to convince him that Mommy was not that MEAN Vet Tech...

Now covered in all sorts of hair it was on to Sophie. She is a bugger to groom. You can not brush her (she has been this way since birth) but rather just sit and pluck away. Good thing I love doing that - so for an hour or so that is what I did sitting on a rock and her all over me. She is a ticklish girl but when she gets silly she places her big mouth around your arm and bites down just ever so slightly to remind you that she is reaching her point of losing patience with me.

Now I am back into the house - I finally got a shower in - really needed it because I was smelly, hairy and itchy.. So much for the plans I had but what I great day with the sweet one's I love.

Hope your Monday was as rewarding and you got as many kisses as I did.

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caprejan said...

We are so fortunate to have love from and for our pets aren't we? I finished my combing yesterday too, it feels so wonderful to be so close to the boys when, they allow you groom them.