Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day


from all at

Larkspur Funny Farm

Do your part to celebrate and give back to Mother Earth today and Every Day! I would love to hear what you are going to do today.... Please Share because it is how we all learn, get ideas for our own lives and inspire others on their journey.

Today the Funny Farm will be doing it's normal routine but we will also be picking up any trash along the road that has been deposited by thoughtless humans or wind storms. I will also be doing dyeing and cooking by solar heat which is a favorite of mine. Since me and my truck have not left the farm for four months my carbon foot print has been very low and so has my consumerism - I found out much about myself and how little I need to live a life I enjoy. I am watching tonight a DVD that is called "Human Planet" I watched Disc one last night - AMAZING and tonight to see Disc two.. Gives me such an appreciation for our Mother Earth and how she really controls all... Be kind to her or she will smack us right off her.


caprejan said...

I agree, we must respect Mother Earth with all of our hearts and put back if possible whatever we take from her.
How do you cook by solar I am very interested.?
How little Watson doing?

larkspur funny farm said...

There are many solar ovens out there and even ones you can make. I made a tasty mexican nacho dish for lunch by simply using my homemade tortilla sprinkled with cheese, refried beans, salsa, olives and green onions. I put this on a metal plate and then wrap with foil, then placed on a large metal baking sheet and out on the back deck up on table so little critters don't help themselves. With in an hour all is melted and hot - easy peasy..

There are several books on the market also that can assist. I am just trying out new ways of doing things - it is a learning curve for me too.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and did you get some time to create on your new painting desk???