Monday, April 30, 2012

Managers always watching

While sitting down and finally getting my breakfast I find I am as always doing more then one thing. I had been carding this batt up before I headed to bed last night and wanted to give it a once over before taking it off the carding machine. While checking it over and seeing that it was ready to come off the machine I put my breakfast down and powered up the computer in the other room.

Just then there came a knocking on the fiber prep room glass French Doors. I pulled back the curtains and there was my two sweet boys - Sherlock and Watson wanting to see where Mommy went and what I was doing. This is normally Llama Boys post but he was in a pasture so I guess the boys felt like it was their duty to watch over me while I worked. How kind!!

I could not get a picture of them over the boxes of fiber that stand in front of the curtains that mask the morning sunrise which can blind a person while working at the carding machine. I went on the kitchen deck and take this shot because I was in no mood to move all those boxes. As you can see Llama boy has worn the grass away from this spot with his sitting, rolling and pawing - looks like these two will add to napping spot today. Oh a Nap - that sounds so wonderful - is it too early to think of a nap? I guess so since the Managers are watching me..

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