Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Missing Picture and Rant

I swear I am going to throw this computer across the room.  It is not only bad enough that I have to deal with dial up but then this new blog format is not letting me do anything that I know how to do.  Here is one of the pictures that was suppose to be in the last posting.  It said it was there but when I posted the writings the pictures where gone.  This is really not what this gal needed today....  I need to live on the side of a mountain, watching over animals and never having to touch a computer or techno crappy thing... RANT !!

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Tombstone Livestock said...

I feel your pain, I too have dial up, and hate new blog format, just because I hate change. Last week I got message my browser was no longer compatible to load google chrome, did that, 2 hour load, it is still telling me to load google chrome. First time I thought I just needed to shut down and reboot, nope, still getting that message. Also tool bar is hidden behing blog post space, so only thing I can do is click on picture icon, that's the only one I can identify. I have also had problems loading pictures for months, then someone mention they need to increase their space on picasa, I went to picasa and there I have duplicate and triplicate photos cause I would go back and try to load again, so now if I can't select picture to add I go find it on picasa .... go figure.