Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weathering Another Storm

Just when you feel you have weathered the big storm there might be something bigger hanging over your head !!!

As the TV is covered with recounts of the sinking of the Titanic this day and of all those lost on their way to making new lives in a far off land or having to experience the grandest marvel in technology for the day - no one ever felt that their lives would soon come to an end.

Last night the farm was hit with hail so fast and hard that I could not even see my hand in front of my face. I was out in that trying to find Sherlock (my grown bottle Billy) and to try to get Llama boy into a barn. No sooner did I get outside the lightening and thunder started. We are talking about the kind that hits the ground and rattles the windows and lights up everything. Yep, twice I hit the muddy ground laying flat and throwing my metal flashlight far from my body. After the second huge strike Sherlock found me and Llama boy ran faster to the barn then either of us could. I lost power for several hours but luckily I managed to unplug the computer and phone line to it long before we could fry it... As we got through that the hail storm which lasted about an hour it turned to snow and by morning there was at least a foot or more. It is still snowing here - so much for the weather guesser who said I might get an inch if that.

As I came down stairs this morning this sweet guy was trying to find a safe place out of the storm. All I could see was that branch over his head - I worried so for his safety. I worry so for all those who are dealing with Mother Nature this weekend. I hope you all are safe and together we will weather life's storms be they Mother Nature made or Mankind made.


Anonymous said...

What a precious picture. Wishing you and all your critters warmth and safety with these crazy storms...Linda

Ngo Family Farm said...

Craziness! I was worried about a little duck in the pond today getting pelted by the hail. He just tucked his beak in his wing and floated along until it passed - the animals are so much better than us in dealing with what mother nature throws out ;) Stay safe, Grace!

larkspur funny farm said...

So far everyone has made it through the storm - I wish I would not get so worried about things but that little face on him looked so sweet....