Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Creative Collaboration

 I am trying to get this new blogspot to work for me so forgive me if this is all waked out.

I posted on Etsy a new style of product which I will be calling Creative Collaboration - the offerings will contain different types of fibers, fabrics and add ins that will make your next creative project a joy to create.  I have been thinking of ways to spread my own art wings and I found that half the battle is have supplies that make you want to think outside the box.

Not everyone has access to a variety of tempting supplies and not everyone wishes to raise their own animals, dye their own fibers, spin their own yarns,

You get 1 ounce hand painted Teeswater locks, 1/2 ounce natural 70% silk and 30% Merino roving, 6 hand painted silk rods and a hand dyed 8" x 22" silk fabric.  They are all hand dyed by me and in the same colorways so they will work well with each other.  All this for $15.00 plus shipping...

I would love to hear back if you think this is a good idea and if so, what would you wish to see in a Creative Collaboration Package??

or spend time hunting down embellishments - so I thought why not put some goodies together for you......

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